Dermatology for Primary Care (PreOrder)

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Oakstone Primary Care Series – Clinical Update

Expert faculty present images of real dermatology patients, providing a unique case-based approach to dermatology in the primary care setting.

Reinforce Your Fundamental Knowledge of Dermatology

This CME program offers a broader approach to treating patients with dermatology needs on an ongoing basis, stressing practical problem-solving and disease management. Focused on total patient care — from diagnosis of common skin conditions and lesions, to developing a treatment plan and establishing skin care management — Dermatology for Primary Care faculty will:

– Define fundamentals of the dermatologic exam, using real-patient photography to illustrate skin conditions from common acne and eczema to melanoma and other skin cancers

– Pull from real-patient examples to demonstrate common patterns of presentation

– Discuss how to approach patients who don’t improve and what adjustments to make when conditions change

Reinforce Your Fundamental Knowledge of Dermatology


1. Dermatology Lexicon: Morphology, Configuration, and Distribution – Adam Friedman, MD

2. Psoriasis and Psoriasiform Dermatitis – Kalyani Marathe, MD, MPH, FAAC

3. Atopic Dermatitis and Other Spongiotic Skin Diseases – Kalyani Marathe, MD, MPH, FAAC

4. Rosacea and Adult Acne – Lorraine Rosamilia, MD

5. Urticaria and Urticarial Eruptions – Holly Kanavy, DO

6. Bacterial Skin and Soft Tissue Infections – Beth McLellan, MD

7. Fungal Skin and Soft Tissue Infections – Beth McLellan, MD

8. Viral Skin and Soft Tissue Infections – Eugene Balagula, MD

9. Alopecias – Adam Friedman, MD

10. Genital Dermatology – Terrence Keaney, MD

11. Common Pediatric Dermatology Diseases – Anna Yasmine Kirkorian, MD

12. Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Disease – Eugene Balagula, MD

13. Benign and Malignant Cutaneous Tumors – Vishal Patel, MD

14. Dermatologic Emergencies – Rachel Blasiak, MD, MPH

15. Skin of Color – Lauren C. Payne, MD, FAAD

16. Bite, Stings, and Infestations – Lorraine Rosamilia, MD

17. Cutaneous Drug Reactions for the Primary Care Provider – Mary Maiberger, MD, FAAD


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