PHYSEO Anatomy 2020

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1. Cardiology (8)

Section I – Arteries of the Upper Body

Section II – Veins of the Upper Body

Section III – Arteries of the Lower Body

Section IV – Veins of the Lower Body

Section V – Gastrointestinal Arteries

Section VI – Gastrointestinal Veins and the Portal System

Section VII – Ovarian and Testicular Vasculature

Section VIII – Cardiovascular Anatomy on Imaging

2. Pulmonology (1)

Section I – Overview of Respiratory Anatomy

3. Nephrology (1)

Section I – Overview of Renal Anatomy

4. Gastroenterology (5)

Section I – Mesentery and Peritoneum

Section I.1 – Retroperitoneal Organs

Section II – Inguinal Canal 

Section III – Pectinate Line

Section IV – Layers of the Intestinal Wall

5. Neurology (1)

Section I – Neuroanatomy Overview

6. Musculoskeletal (11)

Section I – Upper Trunk, Axillary, Musculocutaneous, Suprascapular Nerves

Section II – Lower Trunk and the Median and Ulnar Nerves

Section III – Radial and Long Thoracic Nerves

Section IV – Shoulder 

Section V – Elbow and Wrist

Section VI – Lumbosacral Plexus

Section VII – Hips 

Section VIII – Lumbar Radiculopathy

Section IX – Knee Ligaments and Menisci

Section X – Other Knee and Leg Conditions

Section XI – Ankle and Foot

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Can you host sketchy Biochemistry?thanks.

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